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Specialist in Luxury Travel and Guided Tours

A leading luxury travel agency in Buenos Aires, Ideas Turísticas strives to provide its clientele with unforgettable travel experiences in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Patagonia, Peru and Uruguay.

Ideas Travel Specialists are leaders in providing comprehensive luxury service whether in depth tour services throughout South America or planning high-end individual and group travel plans.

Our personal advice and expertise will help you make a proper decision that will result in substantial benefits for your vacation in South America.

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Argentina: Tailor Made Travel The Best English Speaking Guides
Things to do in Buenos Aires
Our personal relationships with leading travel suppliers such as hotels, resorts, spas and exclusive estancias in Argentina has enabled us to connect our clients with unique travel opportunities. Plan your travel and we will customize your trip to Argentina to meet your needs.
A visit is only as good as the guide, and we know it. Our English speaking staff will enthusiastically expose you to memorable visits to the vibrant, bustling and multicultural city of Buenos Aires and other destinations in Argentina and South America.
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Discover what to do in Buenos Aires City - from the top tourist attractions and activities to the most fun things to do: markets, events, art exhibits, concerts, museums, tours, historical sites, outdoor activities,+markets, events, shopping, and festivals.

Buenos Aires Sightseeing Tour

images/buenos-aires-sightseeing-tour.jpg Private guided tour of Buenos Aires´ famous landmarks. Explore Buenos Aires must see sights with an official tour guide and experience the city from a different perspective. Starting at Plaza de Mayo, the scene of major political events in the country, you will explore San Telmo, La Boca, Caminito, Puerto Madero, Downtown, Recoleta and Palermo districts.
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Walking Tours in Buenos Aires


Itineraries especially designed for people interested in Art, Architecture, Photography, Music, Theatre, Museums and Temples.
Appreciate our culture at our museums. Visit the Fine Arts National Museum and the Latin American Art Museum (MALBA). The tour finishes at an atelier where painters, sculptors and engravers unveil their spots and tell us about their personal experiences and knowledge.
Tour Duration: 3 hours.

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Buenos Aires Jewish Heritage Tour

images/buenos-aires-jewish-heritage-tour.jpg This tour includes entry into the most important Jewish Institutions and sites: the oldest synagogue in Buenos Aires, Jewish museums, educational institutions, residential and commercial areas, and community centres, among other must see sights.
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Buenos Aires Architecture Tour

images/buenos-aires-architecture-tour.jpg Long regarded as the "Paris of South America", Buenos Aires is home to some of the most original and outstanding European-style palaces as well as ultra modern high structures. This is a visit through the outstanding architecture of the city, to raise the eyes and discover the most impressive buildings that few people know about.
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